Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Party bags..

Here is a pic of the party bags. Just need to fill them with 'fairy' favors.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kadence's first birthday's preperations

I found this on the web, and my sister and I knew we just had to do it for Kadence's 1st birthday.

They had an Alice in Wonderland theme, and everything just looks amazing.

We've brought the lanterns, and hopefully it'll work by hanging them from fishing wire.

I'm getting a magician that does Alice in Wonderland themes, 'Tricky Nick'.

I've organized the balloons, I'm getting flower balloon centerpieces and a teapot sculpture for the cake table. A lot has been organized for Kadence, except for the little things. I still have to finish painting the characters (I'm hoping they'll look good and turn out) and my husband still needs to make the sign post!

I can't wait for the party, to see everything put together. Hopefully, it'll turn out just as cool as the party above....

More pictures from that really cool party

Sister's Bridal Shower..

I was the matron of honour for my sister's wedding and organized a bridal shower for her.

The invitations I got a caricature of her with those Chinese parasols. This then decided the theme for the bridal shower. Oh! And chocolate because that was the motif!

I organized games and based the prizes on vouchers (movies, shopping, etc).

I bought hot pink and white parasols to go with the them as well as roses on the day to match the Chinese parasols (shower get it? =p ). I also got a book made with all the guests' photos for the guestbook.

Day was a success, she got heaps of presents and everyone had fun!

Where it all began..

I have two daughters and my love for organizing parties started at my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday.

She loved animals at the time and I decided to hold a jungle party for her. I had it in a small hall near our home (where she will be holding her 5th birthday).

I made vines out of paper and hung them from a rope (How to make the vines: and got all animal patterned balloons along with green table cloth to get the 'jungle' atmosphere.

I topped it off though, by having 'Wild Action' a mini zoo come along for entertainment.

They were superb! They brought crocodiles, lizards, PYTHONS (Yes a python!), birds and many more other creatures for the kids to have a touch and hold. I have to say they were definitely worth the money! Everybody including the adults loved them.

Kyla's Little Kitchen Journey.

I just have to show you pictures of Kyla's cooking school. My husband and I love this place, they have such cool, funky things it's addictive! But most importantly Kyla learns to eat healthy food, which we have struggled with her for a while.

She did a photo shoot with Herald Sun Newspaper, however they decided not to put the interview in, I don't know why? It's a shame, because it would have been such good marketing for them. The place is called 'Little Kitchen' and it's located in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

They have cooking classes for young ens 4 -6 and for teens every Saturday and they do birthday parties every Sunday.

We would've wanted to have her birthday party there, however our family is too big and would be way too many people.

However, check them out they really are something!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More preperations for Kyla's 5th!

Today I finished making the party bags for the party, I simply stuck the picture onto white paper bags.
I think it looks quite good, very simple but eye catching! It goes with her invitation.
I also found this really cool 'fairy wing' table centrepiece from which I decided to make too, for Kyla's party. Kyla's centrepiece will be pink though.
Oh! And Kyla tried on her Fairy costume with her wings, she looks just stunning! I can't wait to post pictures of her! But not until her birthday =p.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kyla's 5th Birthday the plan.. I finally received Kyla's invitation in the email after some discussion with the printers. (not happy Jan!)

Anyhow, sent most of them out only need to give family ones.

I've attached the invite to this blog.

I think I'm not going to have the jumping castle, as I already have the fairy coming for entertainment. I decided I wanted to keep it small and not too extravagant as it is only her 5th birthday..

So, I might go simple and get a pinata!

I've also managed to score a really pretty dress for her! Cost quite a bit, but hey she is the birthday girl.