Friday, March 21, 2008

Where it all began..

I have two daughters and my love for organizing parties started at my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday.

She loved animals at the time and I decided to hold a jungle party for her. I had it in a small hall near our home (where she will be holding her 5th birthday).

I made vines out of paper and hung them from a rope (How to make the vines: and got all animal patterned balloons along with green table cloth to get the 'jungle' atmosphere.

I topped it off though, by having 'Wild Action' a mini zoo come along for entertainment.

They were superb! They brought crocodiles, lizards, PYTHONS (Yes a python!), birds and many more other creatures for the kids to have a touch and hold. I have to say they were definitely worth the money! Everybody including the adults loved them.

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